Surface Preperation

All surfaces are power washed and fungicides are used in order to rid the surfaces of any grime, dirt, algae and fungi. This also helps to remove any loose paint or debris and reveals any damage to the surface area. Remaining loose materials are removed using power tools, scrapers and wire brushes.

Masking up

All areas that do not require attention are completely covered using durable paper, masking tape and dust sheets. This includes all windows, doors, drain pipes, guttering, fascias, paths, patios, wood work, lawns, gardens and brushes.

Rendering, Restoration and Repair

All surfaces are repaired and restored, damage such as cracks are repaired using a two part resin based filler. Crack stitching maybe required for areas where major cracks have occured due to property movement, this is more common in block work.
Areas of blown and damaged render are removed and re-rendered to match the existing surface where possible.

Stabilising Coat

When all surfaces are sound, a stabilising coat is applied.


An undercoat is applied to all exterior walls that are to be treated, this provides a sound and uniform surface for our weatherproof coating.

Andura Classic 21 Coating

The classic 21 coating is the final stage of our coating process. Applied by spray gun to achieve a consistent and professional finish, this will protect and give your home that fresh painted finish with minimal maintenance for up to 15 years.

Clearing site

We will remove all masking from doors and windows and clear the site of all rubbish.