Wall Coatings

Exterior property maintenance is not only time consuming but can also be extremely costly, why not let Brixseal protect and beautify your property. Brixseal property coatings, is a small independent company based in Banstead Surrey With over 15 years’ experience in property coatings, you can be sure you will receive a professional service from a knowledgeable applicator. We use a specialist coating system that is not available to purchase in any DIY store, and is only applied by trained applicators. The coating will seal and protect home from elements, and due to its microporous nature will allow your property to breathe. The formula can withstand normal movement so peeling and flaky paint will no longer be a problem. Our applicators will carry out any repairs to ensure the surface is sound prior to application, this includes using specialist products for crack repairs and render to uniform the property. The long lasting coating can be applied to all wall surfaces and is available in a range of colours including a clear coating. There are no salesman and no big offices which means you will be offered the most competitive quotation. All work is guaranteed.

Damp Treatment

Rising damp is one of the most common forms of damp, left untreated it will cause plaster to crumble and wallpaper to peel. Brixseal can eliminate your rising damp before it becomes a costly problem, using one of the UK’s most effective damp proofing systems. By injecting the damp proofing cream into pre-drilled holes along the mortar line, the formula then diffuses before curing to form a continuous water-repellent barrier. This prevents the damp from rising up the wall.

Common tell-tale signs of rising damp

Tide marks and damp staining
*Tide marks are caused by evaporation and salts from the ground. You will normally notice them anywhere up to a 1 metre above the skirting board.

*if you do not notice tide marks, another very common tell-tale sign is damp patches or staining. Typically, these damp patches are yellowish or brownish in colour and similar to tide marks, you will notice them up to 1 metre above the skirting board.

Peeling paper
Look out for wallpaper coming off or peeling from the wall. You will most likely notice it coming loose from the skirting board first with the corner of the wallpaper turned or curved up.

Decayed skirting boards
As with many forms of dampness, rising damp has the potential to cause rot within timbers it comes into contact with. Look out for skirting’s that are cracked, easily crumble or localised fungus growing on or creeping out of the side. Also, look out for damaged or flaky paint.

Rendering repairs

Is your house in need of rendering? Are those ugly scars holding a reminder? Knowing your house is nothing but a shadow of what is used to be? Well we might have the answer for you! BrixSeal can perform rendering repairs for your property to ensure your house is looking its best, and you will too! We will ensure that those holes are filled and repaired by our specialist applicators ensuring that the job(s) are done by a professional as well as giving you maximum choice to style your home! Don’t let those cracks get the better of you! We can also apply a flexible mesh in order to ensure and minimize cracking on properties, why not stand out from the crowd today and render your property in a colour from our colour chart today?

Guttering soffits and fascias

Brixseal can repair, replace or add to your existing guttering soffits and fascias so there is no need to contract additional specialists.